The role of Dr. Kruger (Educational Psychologist) is three-fold in providing a service to you as client:

  • Skilled assessor: Assessing individuals who are struggling with academic achievement; crossroads of subject choice and career choices as well as school readiness. The assessment of emotional and behavioural difficulties. Accommodation applications to the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) and the Independent Examination Board (IEB).
  • Professional therapist: Individuals are challenged and assisted in changing behaviour, emotions and thought patterns that affect their personal wellness.
  • Informed advisor and trainer: Parents, teachers, policy-makers and other members of support services are advised, guided and trained to support, help and prevent developmental difficulties.  


If you require any of these services, you have come to the right place!

Dr. Kruger’s framework as an Educational Psychologist is from a Positive Psychology stance and Solution Focused approach where the emphasis is on wellness and well-being, where the client is encouraged to draw upon their own internal resilience (strengths and competencies) and to make use of their assets in their life contexts to deal with difficulties and challenges.

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Dr. Kruger is available for online sessions or

by appointment only for social distancing.

Please contact drkruger@edu-psych.co.za for an appointment.

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