On March 11 2020, the World Health Organization declared the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) a worldwide pandemic. COVID-19 is highly contagious and believed to be spread through direct contact with an infected person or indirect contact with contaminated surfaces or objects. Therefore be aware that there could potentially be a risk of exposure whilst engaging in the therapeutic services offered at the practice of Dr. Kruger. In our attempts to mitigate this risk, a detailed health and hygiene protocol has been put in place to ensure a safe environment as far as humanly possible.

  1. The practice is operated and owned by a sole practitioner and therefore appointments are made by appointment only and sessions are staggered. There is no waiting area and clients will only be allowed entry once the previous client has left the premises and the environment is cleaned. In that way social distancing rules are adhered to between clients.
  2. An attendance register is kept of all clients visiting the practice.
  3. All clients and Dr. Kruger is expected to wear a cloth mask or face shield. A splatter screen is also placed between the client and Dr. Kruger for protection while in session.
  4. Kruger makes use of a face shield which is cleaned and disinfected after every client.
  5. The environment and screen is sanitized after each client.
  6. Every client is expected to wash their hands with hygiene hand wash on entry into the practice and disposable toweling is used and discarded after every client leaves.
  7. Every client’s temperature will be taken with an infra-red thermometer and recorded.
  8. There is hand sanitizer available in the room.
  9. Wet wipes will be provided at all contact points (door handles/taps).
  10. Shoes are sprayed with disinfectant on entry as a prevention measure.
  11. Windows are used for ventilation and there is no Air Conditioner that is used.
  12. An air purifier is used in the consulting room.
  13. If the client arrives without a mask they will not be allowed entry.
  14. All clients must complete a screening checklist before attending the session
    • Screening checklist questions: In the past 14 days:Did they have a sudden onset of at least one of the following symptoms: cough, sore throat, shortness of breath / chest pains, fever, aches and pains?
    • Were they in close contact with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19 infection or illness?

If answering YES on any of these screening questions, they will not be permitted to attend their session. They will be advised to practice self-isolation for two weeks and encouraged to make use of  online teletherapy services (if appropriate).

15. Kruger will also sanitize her hands during the session with the client.

16. All surfaces, equipment and materials touched and used by client will be disinfected in order to minimize risk of transfer to other clients.

17. Should a client test positive for COVID-19 who has been at the practice:

o Everybody who has been in contact with that person will be instructed to self-isolate for 2 weeks.

o The practice will be closed immediately in order to perform a deep sanitation (accordance with the Department of Health Guidelines).

o The client may only be permitted to attend a session at the practice once they have undergone a medical evaluation confirming that they have tested negative for COVID-19.


Before sessions can resume at the practice of Dr. Kruger, it is imperative that the above has been scrutinized by each client/parent and an indemnity has been signed.

Dr. Kruger will not be held liable in the event that a client, parent or any other family member or individual obtain the COVID-19 virus, following a session at the above mentioned practice as all necessary hygiene protocols have been put in place and adhered to as far as humanly possible.